A Black Hole for your Wrist: The S-110 Evo Venta Black

From Swiss watch manufacturer ‘Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps’ comes the almost 100% non-reflective, “two-dimensional” MCT S-110 Venta Black wrist watch. The first watch to feature this unique aerospace coating from ‘Surrey NanoSystems‘.



The watch is a 45mm ‘Vanta Black’ coated mechanical watch that uses four different rotating panels to display the time.

A video illustrating the mechanical time display panels of this watch can be seen below.

The special lab grown ‘Vanta’ coating is also quite durable, but can only be applied by a trained specialist who builds up the layers with a binder working at 300° C.

The watch is a limited edition of 10 pieces, costing $95,000 USD each. It will be released this fall (2016) and absorbs only slightly less light than a black hole.

you can visit the official retailer here


The (Vertically Aligned carbon Nano Tube Array) coating is unique in the fact that it absorbs almost 100% of visible light and reflects almost 0% of it. Since it reflects almost no visible light surface details vanish and what you get in return is a watch that appears flat and two-dimensional. This technology goes beyond an exclusive quirky timepiece coating, but has practical applications in low contrast deep space optics and solar energy conversion.

vanta black aluminum foil 2D

Vanta black lab grown on tin foil (CC Surrey NanoSystems)

Development on this technology began in 2012 with a coating that could absorb 99.965% of light, and more recently a coating that absorbs an even more immeasurable amount. The coating is composed of tiny carbon nano tubes that are 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, so small in fact photons can not enter them but instead get trapped in the surrounding empty space and absorbed, being converted into energy.

Steven Michaels