Owner, Producer, Publisher

Steven Michaels

– est. 2016 –

Toronto, ON


A watch is usually an often overlooked accessory, that is given little thought by the average person, but can change the entire tone of an outfit and can project your personality in a way you may not even realise. A watch has the ability to change your mood and even your confidence, by slipping a certain favourite piece of your wrist, it’s as if you slipped on a mystical power ring from which you draw your power and confidence. A watch is an old friend, a travel companion and an engineering design marvel. Your watch has been there through everyone of your personal milestones, past and present, and may have even spanned several generations. If you find yourself constantly starring at your wrist machine appreciating its aesthetics and its brilliant design then you’ve come to the right place.

This is a place for enthusiasts, hobbyists, the novice and the uninitiated alike. Whether you’re a veteran collector or someone just starting out in this hobby and have come here to gather information, I welcome you all to come celebrate horology. I can only hope to further enable your passion and introduce you to something new and interesting in the world of horology.

y passion for watches started almost 20 years ago, I was a teenager at the time and had just seen the Rolex Submariner 16610. It was love at first sight; it had sophistication, refinement, and tastefully pleasing aesthetics. I soon discovered the asking price of my new found obsession and wondered how a simple watch could cost so much. What makes a watch like the submariner so different than the quartz watch I received for my 14th birthday? A fire was ignited, and I discovered the world of mechanical watches. How a tiny man made machine can accurately keep time and sit upon your very wrist was mind boggling to me.

These tiny mechanical time keeping machines have been everywhere; to the deepest point on earth, to the highest point on earth and even to the moon and back. The mechanical wrist watch comes from a strong history and heritage of mans engineering prowess, and are more than simple time keeping vessels, but a testament to mans ingenuity of precision and refinement.

An automatic watch is powered by your very being, your kinetic energy and if you die it still contains your energy but will eventually die with you. If someone else were to put it on and wear it, it is a different watch powered by a different energy.

Having studied watches for the past 20 years, seeing a world of fakes, new technologies, innovations and staying current with design trends and prices I decided it was time to create a site that would collect and curate this information with reviews, news, helpful guides and opinions.

This site is somewhat of a hobby that I attend to in my spare time, a way to express my passion for the interestingly diverse world of watches. If it were to gain a following and truly provide a useful service to the community working on it full time would be the dream. Until then I hope for it to slowly be built into something everyone can use as a reference and to remain as passionate about watches as I am.

Steven Michaels