Tudor Rumored to Increase Prices


Another price increase rumored to happen. This time Tudor watches will see prices rise for a Pelagos Blue from £3020 to £3440.

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Dealer insiders believe this is to separate Tudor’s flagship model of diving watch -the Tudor Pelagos from its stainless steel subordinate the Tudor Black Bay.

The new PVD coated Black Bay Dark currently sits around the same list price as the 500m water resistant, titanium, date model Pelagos. At the same list price or within a few hundred dollars of their flagship model the Pelagos offers superior value for the money. The amount of watch you get with the Pelgaos for the money is incredible, and while the Black Bay is also an incredible watch for not a significant amount of money -at or near the same price the Pelagos is the better choice.

Black Bay sales have been stagnate over the last year and perhaps creating a more defined tier between the two models of professional dive watches will help create two distinct markets for the two Tudor models. This move may boost Black Bay sales by defining it as the still affordable ‘enthusiast’ model of dive watch.

This new pricing is rumored to go into effect in either September or October of this year and seems to only effect the Pelagos line of watches from Tudor.

Steven Michaels